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Are your collections for your Pathology Billing services below expectations? Is it challenging to maintain timelines? Are you struggling with delays, revenue loss, and denials for pathology bills? Then, it is time to outsource Pathology Billing to an experienced Billing Service Provider, who can provide efficient Pathology Billing services, irrespective of the size of your practice.

MHRCM is a one-stop solution for all your Pathology Billing needs. We have some of the most skilled workforces to ensure that the number of denials will reduce considerably.

Pathology Billing Services

We understand your specific requirements and provide services accordingly. The services we offer:

  • 1) Insurance Eligibility Verification
  • Insurance eligibility determines whether the bill will be accepted or denied. So, it is one of the critical steps in Pathology Billing. Our expert team can help you with insurance verification and ensure that all details entered into the system are error-free.
  • 2) AR Follow-up Services
  • Follow-up with the Accounts Receivable is a considerable challenge for healthcare organizations because it leaves them with less time to focus on patient care. MHRCM team can help you with Accounts Receivable follow-up and fulfill your billing requirements on time.
  • 3) Patient Demographic Entry
  • Highly accurate Patient Demographic Entry can speed up the insurance claims process for Pathology Billing. Patient demographics data comprises each and every detail of the client and illness. So, it is crucial when it comes to Pathology Billing.
  • 4) Denial Analysis
  • It is essential to understand why your Pathological Billing claims are being denied. MHRCM can help you with detailed and accurate denial analysis, which will improve your processes that will ensure timely reimbursements, and improve the cash flow.
  • 5) Pathology Billing Charge Entry
  • Billing Charge Entry determines the amount of reimbursement the medical organization will receive. It is an essential step of the billing process that needs Billing Charge Entry service providers like MHRCM to ensure accurate entry and reimbursements on time.
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