OT (Occupational Therapy) Billing, PT (Physical Therapy) Billing & SLP (Speech Language Pathologist) Billing


Are changes in government regulations, coding standards, and insurer rules troubling you? Do not let these troubles affect you. Outsourcing to a therapy billing service provider can lessen your internal costs while increasing cash flow and collections.

Therapy billing service providers will help your organization stay ahead of the ICD/CPT modifications, HIPAA compliances, and PQRS by providing you with a complete process that focuses on quality patient care.

At MHRCM, we have a team of professional mental healthcare billing solutions experts who have knowledge of behavioral, speech and occupational therapy services. We give an excellent value proposition that mitigates your mental health billing processes.

Therapy Billing Services

At MHRCM, we ensure that your administrative team is not burdened with the hassle of insurance collection. We will give you complete web access to view your financial status with transparency.

We offer the following solutions for therapy services providers,

Claims Processing

We ensure that patients have authorization before transmitting claims to the insurance service provider by successfully documenting insurance information and patient demography. We keep track of important KPIs of your revenue cycle, aging reports, and others. We also help you with filing secondary claims and automatic crossover.

Payment Posting

Payment posting is a critical process in mental healthcare. We keep track of your invoiced payment for consultation and procedure. Your payments will be posted in the billing system for claims reconciliation as soon as we obtain money from patients and insurers. Our payment posting solutions are designed to avoid leaks and ensure every collectible in the medical billing system is tracked and stored in the document management system for future reference.

Verification of Benefits

We verify patient portfolios to check insurance details of treatment before an appointment for a consultation. We help you create a complete list of benefits for your mental healthcare service so that a custom healthcare plan can be designed for the patient. We will ensure that patients get clear knowledge of details like out-of-pocket expenses, deductibles, yearly visitation limits and authorization before the consultation.

Patient Billing

We ensure a healthy customer experience for the patient by sending the invoices to their direct mail and answering any queries they may have via phone calls. We also remind late-paying and non-paying patients urging them to clear their dues at a licensed collection agency under your approval.

Financial Reports

You get a detailed report on every financial aspect of your practice, including patient aging, insurance aging, routine summaries, and individual analysis report on reimbursement for various payers.

Digital Data Management

Therapy and mental health billing services require managing a chunk of patient data. We provide you with a digital management service that allows you to take a closer look at all unpaid claims, balances, and financial reports from anywhere, anytime. You also get an online system with a single view dashboard of all your KPIs with secure access.

Practice Management Support

We support you with mental healthcare billing solutions that involve processing payment, appointments, and others with customized solutions that meet your specific needs.

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