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 OBGYN Medical Billing Services

OBGYN Medical Billing Services, You Deserve

Remarkable care is always appreciated, and for the OBGYN practice, it’s not just appreciated, but also much more expected! Don’t put your overall attention for administrative tasks and OBGYN billing processes. We take care of the financial side of your OBGYN Medical Practice with effective Revenue Cycle Management Services that offer quality care on your practice cash flow.

Full-Service Solutions Tailored to Each Practice’s Needs

Medical Billing related processes can be complicated and take away time from patient care. However, for OBGYN Medical Practice, it could impact more. Since many women are increasingly turning to their OBGYN provider for primary care services, the in-house medical team should have extensive knowledge of OBGYN Medical Billing, besides those that are OB/GYN related. But that's the case, and that's what many OB/GYN practice strives to attain. Because many practices don't possess medical billers with the industry standards, possibly resulting in claim denials and revenue leakage.

In order to ensure your practice's needs are met and that your Account Receivables are on track, OBGYN Medical Billing Services from MHRCM can provide end-to-end OBGYN Billing with the most qualified Codes and Billers for the OBGYN Medical Practice. At our OBGYN Billing Services, our Medical Billing Staff have extensive knowledge of OBGYN Codes and Procedures with Industry Regulations to collect from patients effectively.

 Medical Billing Services Solution

As a Billing OBGYN Company, we understand the complex nature of OB GYN Billing and the challenges associated with the Revenue Cycle, from determining pregnancy medical packages for private insurance payers to Billing for Medicare and Medicaid patients. Moreover, we have the expertise to make sure that OBGYN Billing tasks are precisely carried out the first time around. This acceptance can lead to fewer claim denials, an increase in patient collections, and overall patient satisfaction.

Gynecology Billing Services to Leverage Your Revenue Cycle

Thinking About The Perfect Revenue Cycle Solution?

The Unique Challenges Associated with OBGYN Billing

One of the great challenges associated not only with OBGYN Medical Billing, but also with other specialties is the consistent regulations and transformation. Concentrating on both patient care as well as administrative tasks is deliberate. Additionally, keeping up with industry trends and regulations is even worse for healthcare providers.

The Healthcare and Medical Billing Regulations always keep changing and transforming the Coding and Billing of practices. Secondary care providers have numerous difficulties when it comes to filing and paying claims. Most Medical Billing and Coding modifications are made with primary healthcare services in mind, but when it comes to special care like Billing, the OBGYN can experience typical challenges while trying to adapt to the changes of the OBGYN Medical Billing Cycle. This is why many OBGYN Medical Practices lose more than 20% of revenue due to claim-related queries and complications.

Some of the major challenges faced by Medical Billers and Healthcare Providers for OBGYN Billing are because of the lack of experience and extensive expertise required for the role. They can be enlisted in the following:

  • Regular updates to the coding terminology, recommended tests and procedural coverage.

  • Insufficient OBGYN Billing Specialists available

  • Providers of OBGYN Medical Billing Services not knowing the diagnoses underlying each CPT.

  • Process guidelines for appealing refused claims and insurance companies' objections.

  • Insurance companies untraceable and difficult-to-detect underpayments.

  • Complex Billing guidelines for numerous procedures.

  • Underpayments cause the collection of OB/GYN revenues to drop by around 10% annually.

  • Keeping track of Accounts Payable is challenging due to prepayments and enormous accounts for numerous procedures.

Customer uncertainty is another vulnerability, along with collection-related complications for Gynecology Billing Practices. With antepartum, post-partum care, complicated surgeries and specific modifiers, the payment process becomes more tedious and complex for Healthcare Providers and Medical Coders. Engaging specialized OBGYN Medical Billing Services can dramatically improve the quality as well as the profitability of your OBGYN Medical Practice. Furthermore, an OBGYN Billing Service with expansive Billing experience can improve the following aspects of the practice's Revenue Cycle.

  • Automation of Coding and Invoicing for OB/GYN services is facilitated.

  • Updating Billing Systems and Software with suggested testing and diagnoses that support CPT.

  • Before submitting claims, the Coding and Billing Process is watched to lower the rejection rate.

  • Monitoring insurance companies' pre-authorization and claim processing procedure requirements.

  • Identifying insurance company underpayments and requesting full payment from the carrier for several complex procedures.

  • Keeping track of refused claims and responding to insurance companies with necessary papers or clarifications for rejected claims within the allotted turnaround time.

  • Focusing solely on customer doubt resolution and payment processing for all surgical and non-surgical care procedures when collecting Accounts Receivable from patients.

There are a lot of strings attached to the OBGYN Medical Practice, and our OBGYN Billing Services from MHRCM can prove to be the ideal OBGYN Billing and Revenue Cycle Management partner for you. Our Gynecology Billing Services bring years of experience as well as the technical expertise of the Billing OBGYN team on board. Our Updated Coding Software assists OBGYN practitioners in facilitating the complete OBGYN Medical Billing Services and instantaneously boosts the Revenue Cycle Process. All the RCM experts are on-shore and come from a rich domain experience to make our OBGYN Billing Services seamless and effective.

 OBGYN Revenue cycle Billing Services

OBGYN Billing Services for a Healthy Revenue Cycle

At MHRCM, we recognize the challenges faced by Billing OBGYN providers. These challenges are Rapidly Changing Rules, ICD Updates and the Sensitive Nature of Each Specialty. Our OBGYN Medical Billing Coders are capable of choosing corresponding codes from operative reports of surgical cases. Our Gynecology Billing Services work around the clock with your practice, to prevent problems caused by incorrect modifiers, and educate your in-house team to avoid them.

Our professional OBGYN Billing Services work to prevent Claim Denials and also increase the number of reimbursements at the first submission. Our OBGYN Medical Billing Team can do this by focusing on efficient, streamlined processes that save you time on administrative tasks as well as increase your revenue.

MHRCM Gynecology Billing Services have built our approach by accurately adhering to Coding Guidelines and Best Practices and applying Modern Technology. Our team focuses on providing data-driven solutions that reduce denials.

Benefits of our OBGYN Billing Services

With the finesse and accuracy of our Billing OBGYN Services, build a flawless reimbursement process for your practice. From the Patient Demographics Entry, Charge Capture, Insurance Verification and Authorization, Gynecology Billing Services, and Reconciling of Accounts, our Billing OBGYN Services can add value to your organization. We ensure consistent A/R Management with Follow-Up and prior authorization to avoid Claim Denials.

Our Denial Management experts' top priority is to shift focus from Denial Management to Denial Prevention. Our OBGYN RCM Team strives to introduce friction-free Billing and Coding, Claim Submission, and Payment Posting Process. Our benefits includes,

  • The Certified Medical Billers from The American Association of Professional Coders (AAPC)

  • We offer an uncompromised ability to negotiate successfully with state-specific policies.

  • Our Medical Billing RCM experts are consistently up to date with Modern Billing and Practice Management Software, as well as industry regulations.

  • MHRCM OBGYN Medical Billing can apply standard CPT, HCPCS Procedure, Supply Codes, and ICD-CM Diagnosis Coding per CMS Guidelines.

  • For OBGYN Medical Practice, MHRCM maintains a successful track record of processing Medical Bills with Leading Commercial Carriers.

Our OBGYN clients consistently witness an Improvement in Revenue as well as a Reduction in Claim Denials. Our OBGYN Medical Billing Services achieve this by applying our Process Rigor, Expertise and Technology. Get in touch with our RCM team not only for OBGYN Billing Services, but also for other specialties with high end accuracy and results. Schedule your call to discuss with our team.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1) What is OBGYN billing in medical billing?

    A) OBGYN Medical Billing is a multistep process and is more complex than other Billing Processes. Many factors make OBGYN Billing more complex than other specialties, leading many providers to rely on Experienced Physician Billing Companies to manage the process. Maternity care includes antepartum care, delivery services, and postpartum care.

  • 2) How do you Bill for an Initial OB Appointment?

    The only way you would Bill Standard E/M CPT Codes for routine antepartum care is if you see the patient for less than 3 (three) visits and have no further participation in the antepartum care. Otherwise, you use the full global codes above or 59425 for 4 (four) to 6 (six) visits or 59426 for 7+. You will only use 59425 or 59426, if your doctor doesn't deliver the baby.

  • 3) How do you Bill an OB/GYN?

    The Global Obstetric (OB) Code should be Billed whenever one practitioner or practitioner of the same group provides all components of the patient’s obstetrical, including 4 (four) or more antepartum visits, delivery, and postpartum care.