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Medical Billing and Coding Services

MHRCM Medical Billing - Client-First Approach & Transparency

MHRCM offers comprehensive Medical Billing services for your hospital or group practice. We are focused on achieving superior results for our clients.

Our Comprehensive Medical and Telemedicine Billing Services

We follow the step-by-step Revenue Cycle Management Processes listed below, to ensure accurate and maximum results.

1) Demographic, charge and dictated report interfaces for comprehensive information capture.

2) Monthly Charge and Accession Reconciliation.

3) Procedure and diagnosis coding by certified coders.

4) Claims Scrubbing.

5) Immediate filing of clean claims.

6) Rapid feedback on documentation questions and suggestions.

7) Payment and EOB Posting.

8) Accounts Receivable Management.

9) Denial Management and Reporting.

10) Expected payment system (to monitor and follow-up on payor underpayments).

11) Patient Billing and Statement Processing.

12) Accounts Receivable Management and Follow-up.

13) Referral to Collections Agency and Posting of Collections Received.

14) A Formal Refund Process.

15) Comprehensive daily, weekly and monthly reporting.

16) Anytime, anywhere access to the dashboard and all reports, including ad-hoc reports (web-based).

17) Payor Enrollment (Credentialing) Services.

18) Managed Care Contracting Services.

19) Formal, comprehensive compliance program.

20) Regular physician education on documentation and related matters.

21) Client First - Client Management and Support.

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